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About Us and Xero

DiY Accounting is a Certified Advisor for Xero, meaning we have completed training and certification to be granted this status.

Xero is designed to automate data entry and analyse your transactions - the reports generated by Xero and the results it produces will only be as accurate as your data analysis.

The trick is to teach Xero about your business and establish 'rules' that will mean bank transactions will be automatically analysed by the system to the correct account.

So, setting up Xero to correctly analyse your data entry for your particular business is critical to the successful operation of the software.

That's where we step in.

Getting the conversion and establishment correctly setup in Xero is critical to achieving future accurate and reliable information.

If you are converting from an existing PC based accounting system we will usually import into Xero your critical data bases of customers and other information such as outstanding invoices.

We will manage the conversion and establishment of Xero for you to ensure accuracy and reliability of reporting. Using your own resources for data entry and processing will keep costs down and make the conversion as efficient as possible.