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Setting Up Xero

Setting up Xero requires technical skills that most businesses don't have. But that's where we can assist.

Xero training is remarkably easy and we’ll work with you during the whole process. Webinars are available free of charge, that provide training and fully explain in common language the basic steps to using Xero .

If you are converting from an existing PC-based accounting system, we usually import critical data bases of customers and other information such as outstanding invoices into Xero.

Getting the conversion and establishment correctly setup in Xero is critical to achieving accurate and reliable information.

DiY Accounting Support for Xero is a continuation of the establishment and training service we provide for Xero users.

DiY Accounting Support includes:

  • Telephone Help Desk Service with TollFree access
  • Email query services with prompt turnaround
  • Bi-monthly GST reviews to ensure your GST return is right

DiY Accounting Support provides you with a stress free and cost effective service to ensure your data entry and analysis in Xero is kept on track and you have confidence that your GST returns are correct and your data analysis for income tax purposes is optimized.

DiY Accounting will:

  • Manage the conversion and establishment of Xero for you to ensure accuracy and reliability of reporting.
  • Utilise your own resources for data entry and processing to keep costs down and make the conversion as efficient as possible.

Xero is designed to automate data entry and analyse your transactions. You can ‘teach’ Xero about your business and establish rules so that future bank transactions will be automatically analysed to the correct account.

The set-up process will typically require only a few hours of your valuable time, but you’ll get that back many times over at GST Return time or when you need to process annual accounts.

You’ll save time too with the best array of management accounts available.

Read more reasons Why Use Xero or call us today to discuss how EASY setting up Xero really is.